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For some reason I am recieving lots of mails and comments on the subject of bound tits, it seem that this is something that many of you enjoy and I can understand why, as when it is done right it is a fun and sensual activity when used as part of a scene or play time, as I always say safety is important and as such care needs to be taken not to cut off the blood supply to the breasts or nipples for prolonged lengths of time, alos the material used to bind the tits needs to be easily removable in case of an emergency * not that there will be if you are careful in what you are doing* Take bound tits, add a slap of a crop or paddle, tease with a whip or flogger and watch the look on your sub/slaves face, if they are what I call a pain slut they will soon be writhing ,,,,, but in pleasure and not agony, add a nipple clip or clams and have fun !

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