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Slave in a cage.
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A quick, quirky and slightly fun post for you to ponder over, CAGES.
when people think of cages, they have a tendency to think punishments, locking someone up, imprisoning them, but sometimes that could not be further from the truth, in BDSM play a cage can be a wonderful accessory, it has many uses and can add to role play, it can be used to help a sub/slave move deeper into her submission and it can also be used as a punishment place * although if it is used for this I would recommend two cages, one for play and one for punishment, and the two need to be obviously different, so that the association with one is not carried over into the other one during a scene*
Cage play is something some like and some don’t, as I have said numerous times, that is what makes BDSM so great, the ability to adapt it to suit your preferences. As with all things take care when playing with cages, some subs/slaves can panic if locked in a small place so always be aware of what is happening around you and this applies to whether a cage is used for fun or punishment


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