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Many speakof the trust that a slave needs to have for her Master before submitting.  While this is an important component, it is equally as important for a Master to be able to trust His slave.  If not, there will be problems down the road.

It is common to see people rush into an M/s relationship.  This causes future headache (heartache) since there was a lack of compatability.  However, it is also crucial for these individuals to learn how much he or she can trust the other.  This is the bedrock which the relationship will be built upon.

Is Your slave trustworthy?  Is she someone who tells the truth?  How is her character?  These are important questions that require answers.  A Master is taking on a great deal of responsibility when agreeing to accept one’s submission.  Often, that entails opening up different aspects of His life to her.  Depending upon the situation, this might include giving her passowrds, access to credit cards, or expose her to His children.  Obviously, if she is not trustworthy, a great deal of damamge can be inflicted.

Trust is a two way street.  Yet, many believe just because they are in the dominant position, that gaining insight into a slave’s worthiness is not necessary.  He mistakingly believes that He will straighten her out.  While this will happen once in a while, the old adage about sobering up a drunken horse thief is applicable.  You are still left with a horse thief.  A crooked slave is still crooked.  Consider this the next time someone is seeking to submit to You.

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The basic nature of the Master/slave relationship makes it easy for a Master to forget to listen to what His slave is saying. With the total exchange of power, all decisions lie in the hands of the One. However, as mentioned in other posts, communication is central to the success of the M/s relationship. The most vital key to effective communication is listening.

I have seen many Masters who are dictatorial in their manner. They believe that their best mode to communicate is to give stern orders. Their interaction resembles that of a drill sergeant during boot camp. The communication process is a one-way street. Orders are barked out and expected to be followed. They fail to consider the slave’s point of view since she is not allowed to express anything.

Masters are human. It is impossible for anyone to be correct all the time. There are instances where a Master’s viewpoint might be off. In these situations, it is wise to listen to the input of the slave. This process can help avoid a serious mistake. Even though a well trained slave will follow without question, there are instances where she can be jeopardized if the Master is not fully attentive. Listening will uncover these moments.

I give my slaves the freedom to ask questions and offer suggestions at certain times. Of course, there is a way they are to approach the situation in terms of respect and their place in the relationship. However, I often have found their viewpoints to be helpful. A slave will see things differently than her Master. This is really apparent when a couple of slaves are together talking. How they view the world carries a totally different meaning. Masters are well served to tap into this resource.

Finally, as my regular readers know, a happy slave is a good slave. Often, much of a slave’s displeasure is the need to express how she feels to her Master. This will not change the situation, nor the action that she takes. However, there are times that she just needs to be heard. The venting process is part of the human condition, one which does not leave with submission. Allowing her to go through this will alleviate bigger problems in the future.

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