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These Are Not Meant To Scare Anyone!

These are extreme pics which shows one aspect of the BDSM lifestyle. This is what people usually associate with when they think of this way of life. Sadly, most never get past these images to learn what this is all about. While there are some who find bondage such as this pleasurable; many do not. The bottom line is there is room for both. The BDSM world is a one that can encompass many people. We look forward to helping you with your search.

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There are many who consider the BDSM lifestyle to be sexually deviant. This is done by those who consider themselves to be sexually “normal”. Of course, the age-old saying “what is normal” comes to mind. The bottom line is what is normal for one is not normal for another. Those who engage in this lifestyle do so because it fits what they like. Anything that occurs between consenting adults is no one else’s business.

Perhaps Y/you are locked into the midset of what is normal sexually. For many, at first, the BDSM way of life seems a bit extreme. Yet, when O/one realizes that there are many different facets to this way of life, it seems that a lot of it is not so far out of wack. Take spanking for example. This is a deviant sexual activity to a few. These are the minority who believe that sex should be a certain way. However, research shows that more than 80% engage in some type of spanking during sex. Thus, not spanking is actually the deviant behavior.

There are those who like to term us perverts. Again, this is from someone who is interested in controlling through their judgements. The fact that I am a multiple slave owner does not make me a pervert; it makes Me One who is following my natural inclination. This is also true for the one who craves being tied up and used by her Dom/Master. It is a natural expression of her submissiveness which comes deep from within. There is nothing perverted about this.

Here is a clue: sex is designed to be fun and enjoyable. How O/one gets to that point is up to them. For some, the extreme side of the BDSM lifestyle is what T/they like. At the same time, many like to drift towards the lighter side. Neither of these groups is deviant sexually. They are people who enjoy the different aspects of this life.

So what is it that Y/you are looking for? Are you someone who craves more sexually. Perhaps it is time to look at what this lifestyle offers. Not everyone who is invovled with it is “leather”. Nor do all participate in orgies, groups, or dungeon scenes. If that is what you want, it is here for Y/you. However, if milder suits the desires within Y/you, that is available also. Either way, put those old prejudices to rest so that sexual life can be enjoyed

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