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So you are intertested in BDSM. How do you go about it? What is the best way to approach this way of life? Well, obviously, if your read some of my other posts, you now know there are many facets to BDSM. It is a broad spectrum wich almost anyone can fit into.

It seems the most common way people enter into it is sexually. This is the easiest way for a couple to begin their journey. In fact, I would say most couples restrict their BDSM/control activities to the bedroom. Few actually move into other phases of life.

As with anything, it is best to read up on different techniques and methods for implementing this into your sex life. Start with those areas which interest both your partner and yourself. Try to start on the “light” side of things. Discuss what it is each of you likes/dislikes. It is best to determine the level of submission and domination that each person has. Are the two of you equally split or perhaps one of you is a switch. Either way, it is helpful to know what the other desires.

Begin with some light activites such as spanking and/or light bondage. This is a wonderful way to experiment with BDSM. See how the other likes what is occurring. If there are no objections, move to something a little harder, such as spanking using an implement or tieing that person compelely to the bed. Experiment with your words play to see how degradation, humiliation, and belittling feel. Some will really enjoy this aspect of the interaction, others will not. This is a time where each is learning some of the limits.

Over time, you will find that you can expand your scope. There are many fetishes which really excite some members of our community. They are open for exploration if so desired. Other alternative lifestyles such as swinging and group activites also can be added they are of interest. Determine what sexual activites you like and discuss these with your partner. This is a simple way to expand your sexual horizons.

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