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We all know that women, no matter what life they live, vanilla or submissive, love their toys, however many in this life also love their toys, the difference is, our toys are more fun ! In this life the only limit to the pleasure recieved by both the Master and slave is their imagination. The use of toys enhances many aspects of this way of life, from a paddle or a flogger, to anal beads, hancuffs, tit vacuums, the list is endless, even for those financially well off there are special swings, fucking machines, predesigned frames, as I said the list is endless.

As with all things when you start your journey, take special notice of your sub or slave, some of the things used in bdsm are intense and not for use by novices or those who have no idea what they are doing, safety is of utmost importance, watch your subs face, read her body language and make use of the safe word if needed, some equipment used in BDSM is extreme and not for everyone


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