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BDSM is scary, well that is what I hear from a lot of people, they see a picture and cringe, they shy away as they think the pictures are harsh and hard. I will admit that some of the pictures can be a bit extreme but then that is true of any type of picture, no matter in what circumstances it was taken, so take a look at these following pictures, can you see the erotic in one and the extreme in another ?  Take a chance and open your mind, you might just be surprised at the amount of pleasure you recieve by just being open minded


After looking at these pictures I am sure you can understand what I was saying, all of them show BDSM in some form or another but the pictures are miles apart in the erotic/extreme department

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A Good Wedding

This is how they all ought to be.

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Top 5 Sex Games

Want to spice things up, try these games with your partner.

1. Spin the bottle.

There is something erotic about having your partner perform different acts such a strip tease or other assorted acts that you can perform on each other.

2. Sexy Twister.

The childs game without clothing. All the rubbing together will certainly get you hot.

3. 7 Minutes in Heaven.

Just because you arent a teenager doesnt mean that you wont enjoy some time in the closet. Feeling around in the dark and touching certain areas will have an erotic imapct on the both of you.

4. Yahtzee.

Assign a different tasks to each number. Roll abd have your partner perform on you. Assign a “Yahtzee” number, and when you roll it, something special follows. I will leave the what to your imagination.

5. Truth or Dare.

This is another classic which never loses its charm.

As a bonus, if you really want to increase the heat level, play these games with friends or other couples. This is an exhibitionists dream.

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The biggest mistakes men are as follows:

1. Foreplay doesn’t start in the sack.

The timer for enticing does not start once you hit the sheets. Your pre-game show is best approached as an all-day affair.

Women love to be wooed. Sex is a head game and women want to know you can’t get them out of your mind. We love knowing that we are desired.

2. Don’t head south straight away.

Diving in for the genitals too soon usually isn’t the best idea. A woman needs to be properly aroused before any below-the-belt action feels good.

Be sure to focus on her entire body, head to toe, before going for the gold.

3. Remember the clitoris.

Many men think a woman’s orgasm results from penetration.

More than 70 per cent of women experience clitoral orgasm when it comes to maximum reaction, so men need to make sure they are not ignoring the clitoris.

It also helps if you actually know where the clitoris is, some men have been known to rub the urethral opening, which can be a big no-no for some ladies.

4. Get to that G spot.

In digging for buried treasure, many guys don’t know that ‘X’ doesn’t always mark the spot. Found on the front wall of the vagina, a woman’s G spot may be a little higher or lower, or more to one side than the other, than often depicted.

5. Don’t be too goal-oriented.

There is nothing more endearing than a man who wants to play. Just don’t get caught up in yourself. Your sexual exploration should be playtime for two.

Stay ‘present’ in the moment, connecting with your partner will bring the ultimate climax for both of you.

6. Thinking you’re still hot after gaining weight.

‘For better or worse’ should include weight fluctuations, but don’t let yourself go completely.

7. Let her be naughty.

Sometimes she needs to get in touch with her adulterated side. In fact, research has found that women are more aroused by explicit fantasies than romantic ones. It’s not always about the prince on a white horse or canoodling on the beach.

8. She’s not a porn star.

As seen in porn films, many men expect their lovers to fulfill their every fantasy. Remember that porn is fantasy, not reality. Expecting her to act like a porn star is simply not fair.

9. And men aren’t supposed to look like porn stars.

Despite what XXX-rated films indicate, most women are not lusting after a three-legged man. Maybe some women are up for the challenge, but many are fine with the guy who fits within the norm. Don’t be too hard on yourself for being just that.

10. One orgasm is not always enough.

Women are not as quick to come down from their aroused state as men are post-sex. Many can be launched right back to bliss, and many women do crave more action and orgasms, even if they were perfectly satisfied the first time round.

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I wrote earlier about erotic humiliation and it seems the response was overwhelming. Many of you indicated a desire to know some more about it. If you havent done so, I suggest you read the post titled “Erotic Humiliation

This differs greatly from humiliation. It is much different than calling some ugly, or stupid, or a loser. These terms are usually done in a way to put the other down. When repeated over a long enough period of time, the person starts to internalize these concepts. The main intention is to degrade the other person to make oneself feel better.

Erotic humiliation differs in that it is designed to stimulate. The goal is to increase the pleasure of both participants. Obviously, this is done within the sexual arena even though it can transcend the bounds of sex. Often, the humiliation will be done in front of others yet the result is the same: the turning on of both partners.

This is not something that is for everyone. New people seem to think that this is a degrading of them. It is not. This is typically something that occurs between two who are committed in some way to a D/s relationship; even if it is just for a scene. The Dom gets off on the “degrading” of the sub; she gets off on the further stimulation of her submissive side. It is a win/win for both. If it is not, this is something that should be avoided until there is the proper amount of communication.

How does one humiliate another in this fashion. Some of the commonly used ways are using typically thought as degrading terms. Are you a slut? Whore? Fuckpiece? This is how a Dom can refer to you as. This is further enhanced when done in front of others. Perhaps you are dressed in revealing clothes and made to go out in public. Or it could be that you wear none at all. He might make you do things you commonly wouldnt do in front of others such as pee or masturbate. Treating a sub as a small child is another way to add humiliation to the relationship. The possibilities are endless.

Naturally, this is best done with one who has a healthy esteem. It is all part of the lifestyle that one chooses. Since this is consensual in nature (nobody can be forced into a D/s or M/s relationship-there are laws which outlaw that),it is best to communicate what the common ground is. This is not for everyone. However, for those who are open to it, this can enhance the sexual experience. Many get so turned on by this that they go at as soon as they get through the door. It can be that stimulating. And the orgasm that one has is intense. Experiment with this to see how turned on you can become.

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This is an activity that can reall enhance one’s sex life. There are some many ways to add to the BDSM atmosphere and erotic humiliation is a wonderful way for each person’s place to be stressed. A word of caution: if done with the wrong person or in the wrong manner, this can have devastating effects. This is something to be mindful of when straying into this area.

Erotic humiliation is the act of turning someone on by putting that person down. For it to a success, the sub/slave needs to have healthy self esteem. She must be able to take the degradation as part of the scene while not identifying it with herself. Her value does not come from the image carrried but, rather, how well she serves her Dom/Master.

The most basic form of erotic humiliation is name calling. Many subs/slaves enjoy being called slut, whore, cunt, etc… during sex. This enhances their feeling of submissiveness. Some also like to be told how worthless they are and can only be used like a piece of meat. Again, this must be done with someone who is capable of handling the wordplay. There are many who have heard stuff like this their entire lives. To them, it is true; so be careful.

Another way to humiliate is through the acts that are performed. It is common for “watersports” to be used in this manner. Also, a sub/slave may be required to go to the bathroom in front of others as a way to further humiliate her. Public nudity or displays of humiliation seems to work well for many. A submissive person likes to be made to do things she ordinarily would not do. These are a few ideas which will expand her limits.

A Master/Dom can experience a major turn on by feeling the power that comes with the humiliation of another. The slave/sub can also feel the same thing. When used properly, erotic humiliation can stimulate a tremendous amount of sexual excitement. For one to know her man is in control of her is what submissives crave.

Be sure to read “Erotic Humiliation 2

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