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Say What You Feel

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You were reading this blog for the last few months and decided this is something that you are interested in trying. How do you go about getting involved? What do you do to entice your partner into trying this also?

To begin, it is important to know what it is attractive to you. Honest self-appraisal is the first step in your journey. Are you submissive? Dominant? What limits do you see yourself having? Is this something that you might want to make as a full-time lifestyle or do you like the idea of being in a scene? The answers to these questions will help to guide you.

For those in relationships, communication is the key. Bringing this up to your partner might encounter some resistence. As we mentioned numerous times, there is a lot of prejudice and misconception out there. It is likely your significant other harbors many of these same ideas. So expressing to him or her why you want to do this is important.

The best way is to start slow. It is not suggested that you go out and replace your entire wardrobe with leather. Nor do you want to create a dungeon in your home; at lease not initially. Look for ways to implement BDSM into your daily life. You might want to talk to your partner about adding a bit of bondage or impact play into your next sexual encounter. If you want to start outside the bedroom, have the dominant One begin to lay down some ground rules. Use terms like Sir or Madam in situations where you are alone. Perhaps you might like to adopt a subservient position by sitting at hid or her feet while watching television. All of these things create a shift in power. Turning one’s power over to a Dom is a fundamental step in the BDSM community.

Education is a powerful tool. Even as you are starting to do some of these things, continue to read and grow. Check back to this forum or my alternate one (click here) each day for new information. It is often helpful to sign up for forum to interact with others already living this way of life. There are many free ones available; you just need to register to be able to post (click here for mine).  This will allow you to post questions that you might have.  Finally, have fun with it.  Resist the temptation to put too much pressure on yourself.  This is a fun way to live.  Life is tough enough on its’ own.  There is no need to add to the stress level.  Enjoy yourself.

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Top 5 Sex Games

Want to spice things up, try these games with your partner.

1. Spin the bottle.

There is something erotic about having your partner perform different acts such a strip tease or other assorted acts that you can perform on each other.

2. Sexy Twister.

The childs game without clothing. All the rubbing together will certainly get you hot.

3. 7 Minutes in Heaven.

Just because you arent a teenager doesnt mean that you wont enjoy some time in the closet. Feeling around in the dark and touching certain areas will have an erotic imapct on the both of you.

4. Yahtzee.

Assign a different tasks to each number. Roll abd have your partner perform on you. Assign a “Yahtzee” number, and when you roll it, something special follows. I will leave the what to your imagination.

5. Truth or Dare.

This is another classic which never loses its charm.

As a bonus, if you really want to increase the heat level, play these games with friends or other couples. This is an exhibitionists dream.

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Kitten is always talking about the good stuff, the pleasure she gets from serving Master, the feelings she has about this life and what it means to her as a slave, but what about the other side, as with all things when there is a wonderful side there has to be a down side, this is something kitten thinks many tend to ignore, and it can and often does lead to false hopes and impressions.

An owned slave and sub have not control over their Master/Dom, none what so ever, they control YOU you do not control THEM and that is more apparent when they do something you do not like and wish they wouldn’t. Kitten is not talking sexually, well maybe in a way she is but not sex with you but with another.

How would you react when your Master tells you He is not going to be home for a week as He is seeing another sister/sex partner/friend/ fuck buddy? Do you question Him? Ask why? Wonder why you are not enough for His needs and desires? Do you have a temper tantrum and sulk? All of the above are a sure fire way to either a punishment or if carried on release, you have nothing to say about it, it is not your choice, you are His to do with as He desires but He can and often does wish for more than you and you should be happy for Him, grateful that He is being looked after, and content in the knowledge that you are His and that is enough.

A Master or a Dom more often than not has more than one who serve Him, in today’s society living in a poly house is the exception and not the rule and sometimes it is easier when all the sisters are under the same roof, the feelings that bond a sister together are intensified and if a Master goes to one instead of another then that is not thought of as anything else but natural, but if the Master has many slaves in different houses then His choice on who and what He does becomes an issue with some and that is where you need to look at what you are doing and is this the right step for you, just because He is not with you does not mean He does not own you, He still has control and His rules still stand.

In a vanilla life if your partner was to leave you for a week to be with another He would be accused of having an affair and you would be the wronged party, in this life that is not the case, if you question, sulk, hell in some cases follow and try too interfere then YOU are in the wrong, it is not for you to decide what Master does and who He does it with, that will never be your decision.

So ask yourself these questions

If Master was to leave you for a week to be with another, could you accept it with the grace and happiness Master deserves?

Would you question Him and ask why you were not enough for Him, ask why He needs more that you to satisfy Him , ask what is wrong with you as a slave and where you are failing Him in serving ALL His needs?

Would you welcome Him back with arms open and the knowledge that He still cares, and then try to do all you can to stop Him needing to stray again?

Would you still be there when He returned or would you be a woman scorned and leave?

Would you be the one who believes she can change Him so He needs no others ?

Would you keep reminding Him that He left you for another and how much that hurt and plead with Him not to do it again?

Finally ask, could you cope with Him doing it over and over again?

Kitten knows many see this life as an answer to problems that plague them, its not, it is just another way to live but if new to this then seeing it through rose coloured glasses is not the right way, there are many sides to this life style, not just great sex.

This was submitted by kitten http://akittenone.wordpress.com

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To add a bit of levity to our Saturday, please tell us what is your favorite sexual position. Please choose from the list below. Post your comments with your answers.

Please choose from the list below.

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Many have this desire: they would love nothing better than to be involved with a group of people in a wild sexual free-for-all. Like most fantasies, this is available in the BDSM world. If O/one is willing to let go of social conditioning, the world is at Y/your doorstep. The situation of settling is available to A/all who seek it.

For me, I have found this lifestyle to be a freeing experience. While that would seem contradictary, it is not. The BDSM lifestyle tends to go against the social norms. This is what sets it free as opposed to conforming. The orgy is a prime example of this rejecting of what society promotes.

Monogamy is the tool used by society. The marriage is the institution by which a society survives. It is within this framework that the family unit is formed. This is the foundation for it. The concept of free sex with multiple partners is discouraged. Those who engage in the practice are looked down upon. Society has a variety of terms used to describe these people-and none of them are endearing.

The BDSM environment is made up of a variety of people. There are plenty of facets for O/one to explore. Not all involved in this way of life are swingers or into group sex. Many are into monogomous relationships with a “leather” twist. However, there are many who are also open to the wild side of the lifestyle. It is a matter of availing Y/yourself to the deisres within and getting with those who want to share similar experiences.

When engaging in a BDSM orgy, it is important that there be a level of trust among all participants, Unlike regular orgies, it is best if strangers not be invovled. Safety, as always, is a primary concern. The subs are in a vulnerable position, especially if the setting is a dungeon scene complete with all the furniture. While they are open to being used sexually by many and be worked on by the same people, few will want to deal with an inexperienced person. Repecting limits is difficult when an overzealous person is invovled.

Entertaining our sexual side is one of the benefits of the BDSM experinece. This way of life allows O/ones mind to drift into a realm which previously was considered only fantasy. However, in this lifestyle, the fantasies have a way of becoming reality. It is all available if Y/you seek it.

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We often talk about how many of us take this lifestyle seriously; which we do. The tendency is to look down upon those who enter it as a role playing or fantasy fulfillment game. The majority of people who truly live this are as serious about their choice as married people are about theirs. However, it is remember that we are all here to have fun.

I see many new people get caught up in whether they are pleasing to their Masters or not. While this is important, it must be remembered that it is a moment-by-moment situation. Some things that my slaves do pleases me tremendously. Other things cause me great displeasure. The ups and downs of any relationship always exist.

Most of us have an above average sex drive. This helps to engage in orgasmic activity. We enjoy our sex lives while not apologizing for the means which we go about it. Sex is suppose to be fun and many of us make it more exciting than the average person. Fulfilling fantasies is at the core of a lot of what we do. Of course, the emotional connection to a slave is also expressed through this avenue.

Is sex the only area of fun? In this One’s opinion, it is not. Too often slaves are caught up in what position to assume or what protocol to adhere to when entering a room. For some, the Gorean lifestyle works well. However, this tends to put round-the-clock pressure on both Master and slave. Most take a more relaxed approach to the M/s relationship. The boundaries are just as clear. However, there is room for friendly banter.

We make this lifestyle choice to satisfy an inner calling that is deep within us. While this is an experience by itself, it rarely is something which will carry a relationship long-term. There needs to be more to the relationship than simply the positions each holds. Fun is an important variable for keeping things lively. Stall relationships, in or outside this lifestyle, tend to die when they get stale. Fun is the medicine which prevents this. So take the lifestyle seriously, but remember to enjoy yourselves.

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