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Many ask Me about the Gorean lifestyle and is it for them? This is a question only they can answer. However, I state that it takes a certain type of person to be successful in that way of life. It requires a great amount of discipline on both the Master and slave to adhere to the edicts presented in those books.

What is Gor? John Norman wrote a series of fictional books over a period of 25 years that garnered a cult following. In them, he creates a planet where slavery was the foundation for the society. Women we held in captivity and treated in certain ways. Every detail of a slaves behavior was spelled out throughout the entire series.

Over the years, people have listed all these behavior patterns. These are the basics of living in a Gorean relationship. It spells out everything that a slave is to wear, how she is to address her Master and others, the branding ceremony, and punishments. This way of life offers little flexibility. People who are attracted to this way of life seem to be more extreme with the M/s relationship. To them, ever aspect of the relationship is lived according to the precepts of Gor.

I am not here to say that this is a right or wrong choice. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Gorean way of life if it is for you. Many have successful and long relationships within this model. The point that is being made is that it will take a fair amount of time to learn the different disciplines. If one wants to have a successful time with it, she must get with an experienced Master. This is not something that a couple really can learn together in my opinion. For One to train a slave under as a Gorean requires years of studying. Just another thing to consider as you look at this way of life.

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