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A spreader bar with bondage cuffs attached.
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When we think of BDSM we all have a tendency to think bondage, tying a sub/slave, ropes, scarves and cuffs, and that’s great, but lets go one step further, what about SPREADER BARS ?

A spreader bar is a device designed to hold a sub or slaves legs or wrists apart, some have hooks to attatch the wrists or ankles to * depending on what type of spreader bar is being used,* others have the cuffs built into them. There are some that are designed like the old fashioned stocks, to hold the head and wrists, the possibilities are endless and they certainly do add to the excitement of the scene.

Once you have the sub or slave attatched to the spreader bar there is more flexibility in that you can move them about, while they are still bound and unable to actually move themselves freely if the bar is attatched to their ankles, you can lift them, turn them, have them kneel etc, so it does provide a bit more freedom for you that tying them to a bed does.

If you are not sure about spending a great deal of money on a spreader bar, go to the local hardware store, broom handles will do the same job in principle, as will a 2×4 or if you know someone in the trade a scaffold pole ! Failing that, if your bed is one with a iron or wood slatted base board then this can be utilized as well, as I have said many times the only limit in this life is your imagination


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