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When people think of BDSM one of the first things they think of is spankings and bondage, and that is true for about 90% of those in this lifestyle, however we are still normal people, and we, like everyone else enjoy a laugh and a bit of fun, and if we can inject that into things we do relating to this life then all the more fun can be had.

That said I have brought together a light hearted post on floggers and paddles, don’t get me wrong, they can still deliver the desired effect but with a smile on the Dom or Masters face while He is paddling an ass with a flogger made of leather flowers ! All of the things I have collected for you can be found at the following sites, take a look, they have some wonderful products for your enjoyment



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Many have this desire: they would love nothing better than to be involved with a group of people in a wild sexual free-for-all. Like most fantasies, this is available in the BDSM world. If O/one is willing to let go of social conditioning, the world is at Y/your doorstep. The situation of settling is available to A/all who seek it.

For me, I have found this lifestyle to be a freeing experience. While that would seem contradictary, it is not. The BDSM lifestyle tends to go against the social norms. This is what sets it free as opposed to conforming. The orgy is a prime example of this rejecting of what society promotes.

Monogamy is the tool used by society. The marriage is the institution by which a society survives. It is within this framework that the family unit is formed. This is the foundation for it. The concept of free sex with multiple partners is discouraged. Those who engage in the practice are looked down upon. Society has a variety of terms used to describe these people-and none of them are endearing.

The BDSM environment is made up of a variety of people. There are plenty of facets for O/one to explore. Not all involved in this way of life are swingers or into group sex. Many are into monogomous relationships with a “leather” twist. However, there are many who are also open to the wild side of the lifestyle. It is a matter of availing Y/yourself to the deisres within and getting with those who want to share similar experiences.

When engaging in a BDSM orgy, it is important that there be a level of trust among all participants, Unlike regular orgies, it is best if strangers not be invovled. Safety, as always, is a primary concern. The subs are in a vulnerable position, especially if the setting is a dungeon scene complete with all the furniture. While they are open to being used sexually by many and be worked on by the same people, few will want to deal with an inexperienced person. Repecting limits is difficult when an overzealous person is invovled.

Entertaining our sexual side is one of the benefits of the BDSM experinece. This way of life allows O/ones mind to drift into a realm which previously was considered only fantasy. However, in this lifestyle, the fantasies have a way of becoming reality. It is all available if Y/you seek it.

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The scene is at the center of many BDSM relationships. This is true when the interraction between the two parties is limited to the sexual arena. The M/s relationshp or the involved BDSM relationship take on a different level of meaning. Safety is the most critical component of the scene. Before entering into it, one should be certain that there is a safe work in place. To overlook this vital step can cause great harm.

Regardless of how it is looked at, sex is a critical component of the BDSM world. The type of sex O/one likes is varied. Some are into the leather scene with whips and floggers being standard. Dungeon scenes are popular with many. Many subs loved to be tied up; it only enhances the feeling of submissiveness. To be totally vulnerable is what they seek.

Experienced Doms or Masters know where the limits are. If one is new to the lifestyle, it is best to be worked on by Someone who is knowledgable about pain. I have found that some enjoy the sensations of being beaten while others can handle very little. It is an individual thing that needs to be dealt with accordingly. For One to treat all the same also can have negative impacts.

Does this mean that all involved in this lifestyle are horny individuals with no self control? Of course not. However, the typical person in this way of life does enjoy sex a great deal. W/we tend to have high sex drives which the traditional relationship failed to deliver. Many of U/us love group sex because the variety adds additional stimulation. Alternative aspects of the sexually lifestyle including leather, bisexuality, bondage, etc… all factor into the pleasure people receive. Finally, many enjoy the poly characteristic of their relationships by having more than one sub/slave.

Therefore, as you can see, W/we are a varied people sexually. The BDSM world have many different looks to it. It is something that many practice even if then do not recognize it as such. For example, spanking during sex, done by the majority, is a form of light BDSM. Add a spatula or a paddle to the mix and O/on just entered a little deeper. But again, regardless of what aspect is appealing to Y/you. remember safety is at the top of the list.

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