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As I have said so many times, there are many things that add together to make up the BDSM lifestyle and what it means to you as a person, that also goes for those who engage in it a step further, in the D/s and M/s relationships.

There are many types of these relationships, myself personally I am a poly Master, that is I own a couple of slaves, their service to me is I wish it to be, it might be as a house slave or as a sex slave or it might be a mix of the two, the point is, it is what I want and they know I am poly when submitting to me.
I have the options open to me to share my slaves if I wish to, be it with others in this life or having them play together to please me, although it does help if the slaves are bi sexual and get on with each other if I want them to play together but again that is something I decide upon in the end.

When a poly Master lets others play with those He owns it is not the slaves choice, however most Masters will lay down a few guide lines before the scene and be present through out to ensure that the slave is ok and not in distress, again whether he actually joins in is up to him, many times I prefer to watch at first so I can be alert to what is happening especially if she is new or these are people I know but have never had join us before I then have my slave please me afterwards and I have found that they are usually more than happy as this then brings them back to familiar ground and helps them to realise I am pleased with them and what has happened during the scene


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As readers of this blog know I am a Poly Master in the BDSM lifestyle, I own slaves, normal slaves, and when I interact with them I am doing so as Me, a Master, a Man and an individual. The internet is a great way to learn about the basics of the BDSM life, however it needs to be pointed out that most of the pictures and movies you can see are done using actors and actresses, they are people but it is questionable whether they are real subs or slaves, and indeed real Masters and Doms, now this is a blanket statement and I apologise in advance to those out there who are true, however I am mainly referring to the hard core pictures and the extreme videos.

Having owned a few slaves in my time, I am still waiting for the one who can bend into those positions and hold them for any length of time, and I am also more than willing to meet one who will look that good and with full make up with nothing smudged after a few hours into a scene, it has not happened yet on either score.

What I am saying is subs and slaves, Masters and Doms are REAL people, we are not actors and we are not being pain a huge amount of money for living as we do, please remember this when you are looking at the pictures and watching the films, just because she can do it on tape does not mean everyone can move or bend like that, search for the amateur pictures, and see real people doing real things, you will be surprised, pleasantly I hope


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One thing I have noticed talking to my slaves, other Doms and Masters and other subs and slaves is that the use of toys within the sexual play is something that is growing, and with all the new things available on the market this is again something that is hard to say ” This one is the one you should use ” Many like the use of butt plugs, others vibrators, some like to use toys when teaching orgasm denial, again this is something that the individuals involved have to be comfortable with and as each peson is different then what works well for one is not guarenteed to have the same effect on another, that said one thing I have noticed being used more and more is the MAGIC WAND * and no I am not on comission for them but if they would like to send me a new one I for one will not complain and I doubt if my slaves would either *

The wand is a hand held * sometimes* wand massager which vibrates at about 500/600 sins per minute, used initially for massages it is used more and more for sexual pleasures, when placed on the pussy,nipples or balls it is very hard to not orgasm, and at a price of between $40 – $60 it is one of the most economical toys available, powered by electricity there is not cost of batteries unless you get a travel one.

I would recommend this wand for any one that asks, having listened to my slaves begging me to either stop or not stop, * and being a good Master, I love to stop when asked and watch their faces drop in disappointment and then hear them beg for me to not stop* It certainly enhances the foreplay for all involved


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