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Emotional mastery is one of the vital components that every good Master has. It is impossible to control another if one cannot control oneself. Most of the world’s philosophies have taught this concept for centuries. A slave needs the guidance of a Master yet this is hindered if that person is unstable.

A slave craves consistency which can only come from a stable Master. The world is full of people who respond inconsistently based upon their emotional state in the moment. This is not an effective way for a Master to train a slave. Having consist responses to behaviors allows a slave to trust. Inconsistency destroys this trust.

Many people come from backgrounds that were full of inconsistent behavior. The entering into the Master/slave relationship is done with the intention of getting what was missing in our other relationships. One who is accustomed to dealing with undisciplined people will crave that in a Master. Receiving responses that correspond with the parameters of conduct established allow a slave to grow exponentially.

Learn how to master your emotions. It is beneficial to expect mistakes on the part of a slave and to not react to them. Discipline should never be administered in anger. That is abuse. Punishments should be meted out in proportion to the offense. Controlling of one’s emotions is the foundation by which a good Master operates.

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