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I recently read something on line which peaked my interest.  This particular individual believed that a slave had no limites; not if she was a true slave.  This statement made me stand back and think.  I was perplexed how someone could come to that conclusion.  It made me re-evaluate what I believed on this matter.

Does a true slave have limits?  Her desire is to serve her Master fully.  Along the same lines, her place is to do whatever her Master desires.  Once she submits, her life is no longer her own.  With this reasoning, and up to this point, I can see how the above belief is correct.

However, there seems to be one fact that this individual was missing.  A slaves place is to do whatever her Master desires if she is capable.  This addition changes the situation a great deal.  A slave might not be able to perform certain tasks.  Of course, if it is something that she requires some training, then it might be an activity which she can learn.  Yet, there are certain things that one might not be able to do no matter what her willingness.  A Master needs to be aware of these.

Here are some examples slaves might have a tough time fulfilling if requested: dunking a basketball, performing brain surgery, rebuilding a car engine, solving mathematical equations, or translating an ancient text written in arabic.  Even those her willingness might be complete, there are challenges which might not be overcome.  Simply, the knowledge base isn’t there.

Here is another situation which is more applicable.  Often a Master will ask a slave to perform some sexual activities which she is physically unable to do.  An individual with a back issue comes to mind.  Again, the person might have all the desire to do what her Master wants.  However, physical limitations can exist.  For a Master to push her past this is irresponsible and potentially dangerous.  This is one of those situations where a Master needs to know to pull back.

So, a slave can and will have limitations.  Even thought she exchange all her power, her trust is that her Master will act responsibly.  One of the roles of a Master is to help her uncover her limits, try to push past them, and pull back when she cannot go further.

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