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A M/s relationship can be a wonderful way of life for many. However, it is not something that will solve all of O/one’s problem. In fact, the M/s relationship will only magnify other issues which are present in a relationship. People who enter this way of life seeking to solve their problems are greatly disappointed.

What makes this lifestyle different from others is the power distribution. Since there is a total power exchange, roles become clearly defined. There is a Master and a slave. Each knows exactly what their responsibilities are. There is no confusion as to which partner is leading or following. The same typically cannot be said in the traditional arena. The lines of “authority” tend to get blurred. They are clear in the M/s relationship.

Individual shortcomings are magnified. Leadership was discussed in the last post. One cannot shirk his responsibility in this area. If He is not capable of leading the relationship, that will become evident. The same is also true for a bad relationship. This will not be made better by transforming into the M/s lifestyle. A good relationship will be enhanced in the same way. All the good qualities of each individual is further magnified. Unfortunately, so are the bad ones.

This is something to really keep in mind when getting involved with another. Someone who is a liar, a cheat, or basically not a good person will make a lousy Master. Submitting to this type of individual is a bad decision. Likewise, having a slave who is less than admirable in terms of her qualities will equally have devastating effects. Character is important in any type of relationship. The M/s situation only magnifies it.

So use your head when entering this way of life. Do not be misled into thinking that it will solve all Y/your problems. In fact, the reverse can be true. It can enhance the problematic areas rather quickly. Many have learned this lesson the hard way.

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