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Bondage is a part of BDSM that in my opinion can be one of the most erotic and yet one of the most dangerous, why ? Because if you are unsure and not certain what you are doing you can really hurt your sub/slave and cause damage or in extreme cases when using a rope around the neck death. Sounds extreme I know but it can happen, a sub or slave struggles and the knots tighten and before you know it things have gone from good to really bad.

My advice to anyone wanting to bring this part of BDSM into their lives is to have a check list, even if its only in their head, a mental list to go through as they are tying the ropes/bonds.

#1 Are the ropes too tight ? If the ropes are tight as you are tying them , they will no doubt become tighter as you play, and that can cause lose of circulation, rule of thumb is to make sure your can put your hand between the rope and your subs skin, thus making sure there is ‘breathing’ space between the bonds

#2 Is the sub happy with how you are binding them ? It sounds stupid but if the sub is unsure they will tend to struggle more and this can tighten knots making them hard to remove, especially in an emergency situation * and while we all pray this does not happen being prepared for it is a must, no one can tell what can happen at any time *

#3 Never loses track of what you are doing,,,,, there are times we all get carried away in the moment, the excitement of the play makes up lose focus at times and this is when things can go wrong, always be aware of what is happening so you can monitor the situation, I am not saying that you cannot lose yourself in the fun but I am saying keep a part of you focused on what is happening

#4 Remember that however you tie your sub, that is how she will stay ! Think ahead, its so frustrating untying and retying 7 or 8 times during a scene, the moment tends to wear off a bit with all the repositioning

Have fun and enjoy yourself but stay safe in your play.


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As we know bondage is a part of BDSM that is widely used by nearly all who practise this, the tying of the bonds is up to each individual and there are many many different ways to tie a sub/slave. One of the most commanly used ways is the “Frog Tie”
The frogtie is a position where a sub/slaves legs are bound ankle-to-thigh, very similar to a crouched frog. The wrists on each side are often tied to the wrist/thigh combination on their respective sides.
This way of tying a sub/slace then places them in a position where they are vulnerable but not completely immobilised and they can still move about, granted it might be in a very awkward crawling motion. The frogtie, with the sub/slave tied like this a restrictive sex position as they are open for the Dom/Masters pleasure, or as a basis for more bondage.


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BDSM as we have discussed is many things to many people, I have heard it said that the feeling of being bound is a feeling of complete surrender, to many this wil make no sense, but to those who live or practice this lifestyle it makes perfect sense, the feeling of total submission when you are bound is something nothing else can compare to, and the feeling of power and control a Dom or Master has over another again is something that is very hard to repeat in a vanilla life with out being abusive, and regardless of what some people say, BDSM is NOT about abuse and violence, it is about submission and the ability of a Dom or Master to care and protect those they own at all time.

A sub or slave when bound and tied is an erotic sight, and if tied properly then she is ‘helpless’ to resist any demand her Dom/Master makes of her, yet once again I feel I must mention safety is important and knowing your sub/slave is imperitive as some can panic or fight against the bonds if they feel threatened, this is where your knowledge if those you own is imperitive, watch their faces, know their body language, listen to their safe words at all time


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A large part of BDSM is bondage, the tying of a sub or slaves hands, legs, tits even a rope between her legs to tease her pussy, all ways of enhancing the experience that can be achieved and enjoyed, and remember, it need not be elaborate or ‘fancy’ just remember to make sure you do not cut the circulation off for substained lenghts of time


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One way to experiment in the BDSM life is by bondage, and this is something many like to either do or have done to them, it is a feeling of power and control in the Dom/Masters case and a feeling of complete submission in the sub/slaves case. There are many ways to tie someone, and many things that can be used, I suggest starting of simple with just normal rope before moving onto the more extreme harnesses that are readily available but costly. Pay particular atttention to the tits and the pussy as well for maximum pleasure and I am sure you wil be making this a part of your normal sexual life


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