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I wrote earlier about erotic humiliation and it seems the response was overwhelming. Many of you indicated a desire to know some more about it. If you havent done so, I suggest you read the post titled “Erotic Humiliation

This differs greatly from humiliation. It is much different than calling some ugly, or stupid, or a loser. These terms are usually done in a way to put the other down. When repeated over a long enough period of time, the person starts to internalize these concepts. The main intention is to degrade the other person to make oneself feel better.

Erotic humiliation differs in that it is designed to stimulate. The goal is to increase the pleasure of both participants. Obviously, this is done within the sexual arena even though it can transcend the bounds of sex. Often, the humiliation will be done in front of others yet the result is the same: the turning on of both partners.

This is not something that is for everyone. New people seem to think that this is a degrading of them. It is not. This is typically something that occurs between two who are committed in some way to a D/s relationship; even if it is just for a scene. The Dom gets off on the “degrading” of the sub; she gets off on the further stimulation of her submissive side. It is a win/win for both. If it is not, this is something that should be avoided until there is the proper amount of communication.

How does one humiliate another in this fashion. Some of the commonly used ways are using typically thought as degrading terms. Are you a slut? Whore? Fuckpiece? This is how a Dom can refer to you as. This is further enhanced when done in front of others. Perhaps you are dressed in revealing clothes and made to go out in public. Or it could be that you wear none at all. He might make you do things you commonly wouldnt do in front of others such as pee or masturbate. Treating a sub as a small child is another way to add humiliation to the relationship. The possibilities are endless.

Naturally, this is best done with one who has a healthy esteem. It is all part of the lifestyle that one chooses. Since this is consensual in nature (nobody can be forced into a D/s or M/s relationship-there are laws which outlaw that),it is best to communicate what the common ground is. This is not for everyone. However, for those who are open to it, this can enhance the sexual experience. Many get so turned on by this that they go at as soon as they get through the door. It can be that stimulating. And the orgasm that one has is intense. Experiment with this to see how turned on you can become.

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