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1. Avoid any sex party that doesn’t have any rules. Rules mean that you get to say who, you get to say where, and you get to say when.

2. Orgies work best when you’re feeling brave, jealousy-free, and perhaps slightly detached. Meaning, a hump buddy makes a great orgy date.

3. If going with a significant other make sure that you’re both equally into the idea. And agree in advance exactly how far you’re willing to go. There is nothing worse than one wanting to go all the way while the other suddenly wants to stop.

4. Orgies with themes–e.g. Venetian masks–are pleasantly festive and might help make the eventual group nudity feel a little more normal.

5. Be selective in what sex party you choose. If you are worried about being with someone older than your dad (although that is a fetish for many), then do some research to find the age requirements. A rule of thumb, the more difficult it is to get into, the better the party is likely to be.

6. Plan on traveling if your are worried about bumping into someone you know. Of course, keep in mind, he or she is there for the same reason you are.

7. Watch you alcohol intake. Having a few to take the nervous edge of is alright. However, dont get stumbling drunk. First, that is an easy way never to get invited back. Second, you might do something that you are sorry for.

8. The best orgies have a close to equal breakdown of men and women. Try to avoid those where they allow too many single guys-this turns into a gangbang (another type of party altogether).

9. Safe sex. Enough said.

10. Avoid the sex parties that take place at the local seedy motel. This seems like common sense but you would be surprised how many show up to the affairs. Try to find the ones that are hosted in people’s homes. The calibar of people is much better.

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