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When people mention BDSM, all sorts of things run through their heads, ropes, whips, pain,tears to name but a few, but very rarely unless you are into this way of life are your first thoughts pleasure, orgasms, bondage,play time, etc etc so why is this ?

I think its because the internet for all its usefulness also portrays it as a way of life that can be cruel and harsh, the pictures found when you search the sites range from vanilla to extreme and unless you are fmiliar with the lifestyle and most of its components * I say most as I really feel that no one person is familiar with ALL the different things BDSM means to others * it can be very intimidating.

One of the first things people like to experiment with is bondage, and this is something that can be built on over time, starting out with a simple hand tying then building to ankles and finally full body and suspension, as with all things it is recommended that you do not jump the stages, a novice is not really qualified to do full body suspension bondage as it can have disasterous results !! Take your time, enjoy each stage and learn from it while having fun, its a great way to also build up the trust in a relationship as well.

My advice to all who are interested in this varid and extremely fulfilling way of life is to experiment and see what works for you and your partner, there is no right or wrong and no one way to live this life, the only limitations are the ones you both place upon it – but most of all HAVE FUN !!


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A spreader bar with bondage cuffs attached.
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When we think of BDSM we all have a tendency to think bondage, tying a sub/slave, ropes, scarves and cuffs, and that’s great, but lets go one step further, what about SPREADER BARS ?

A spreader bar is a device designed to hold a sub or slaves legs or wrists apart, some have hooks to attatch the wrists or ankles to * depending on what type of spreader bar is being used,* others have the cuffs built into them. There are some that are designed like the old fashioned stocks, to hold the head and wrists, the possibilities are endless and they certainly do add to the excitement of the scene.

Once you have the sub or slave attatched to the spreader bar there is more flexibility in that you can move them about, while they are still bound and unable to actually move themselves freely if the bar is attatched to their ankles, you can lift them, turn them, have them kneel etc, so it does provide a bit more freedom for you that tying them to a bed does.

If you are not sure about spending a great deal of money on a spreader bar, go to the local hardware store, broom handles will do the same job in principle, as will a 2×4 or if you know someone in the trade a scaffold pole ! Failing that, if your bed is one with a iron or wood slatted base board then this can be utilized as well, as I have said many times the only limit in this life is your imagination


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One thing I have noticed talking to my slaves, other Doms and Masters and other subs and slaves is that the use of toys within the sexual play is something that is growing, and with all the new things available on the market this is again something that is hard to say ” This one is the one you should use ” Many like the use of butt plugs, others vibrators, some like to use toys when teaching orgasm denial, again this is something that the individuals involved have to be comfortable with and as each peson is different then what works well for one is not guarenteed to have the same effect on another, that said one thing I have noticed being used more and more is the MAGIC WAND * and no I am not on comission for them but if they would like to send me a new one I for one will not complain and I doubt if my slaves would either *

The wand is a hand held * sometimes* wand massager which vibrates at about 500/600 sins per minute, used initially for massages it is used more and more for sexual pleasures, when placed on the pussy,nipples or balls it is very hard to not orgasm, and at a price of between $40 – $60 it is one of the most economical toys available, powered by electricity there is not cost of batteries unless you get a travel one.

I would recommend this wand for any one that asks, having listened to my slaves begging me to either stop or not stop, * and being a good Master, I love to stop when asked and watch their faces drop in disappointment and then hear them beg for me to not stop* It certainly enhances the foreplay for all involved


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