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In BDSM, there is no place off limits * obviously this is something you have talked about and agreed on prior to the scene or during the process of submission* Most Doms and Masters like to show thier property off, they like to share with others, be it with others in their poly family or with other friends within the lifestyle, however, that said, most of those I know have always said that the anus is off limits to everyone but them, this is the ‘Forbidden Hole’ the one that is used by the Dom or Master only. Now why this is I really have no idea, it might be because anal sex was something frowned upon up until 10/15 years ago, it was alwas considered ‘perverted’ and not something ‘normal’ people did, how wrong they were !

Anal sex is something enjoyed by most in this life and in the vanilla as well, it is one more step to total submission by a sub or slave when they open all thier body for their Owner to take, to own and make it their own. It could be said that to take it a step further is to then go ass to mouth but that is up to the people involved as it is not something everyone can do.

Anal sex brings another aspect of pleasure into the BDSM life style, just think, how erotic is it to fuck an ass that you have made warm by spanking or paddling ? To have a sub or slave tied with her ass in the air waiting for you to decide what you are going to do, or even if you place a butt plug in while you pound her pussy, an ass hook for added fun, the posibilities are endless and the ass is no longer the forbidden hole to you.


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One thing I have noticed talking to my slaves, other Doms and Masters and other subs and slaves is that the use of toys within the sexual play is something that is growing, and with all the new things available on the market this is again something that is hard to say ” This one is the one you should use ” Many like the use of butt plugs, others vibrators, some like to use toys when teaching orgasm denial, again this is something that the individuals involved have to be comfortable with and as each peson is different then what works well for one is not guarenteed to have the same effect on another, that said one thing I have noticed being used more and more is the MAGIC WAND * and no I am not on comission for them but if they would like to send me a new one I for one will not complain and I doubt if my slaves would either *

The wand is a hand held * sometimes* wand massager which vibrates at about 500/600 sins per minute, used initially for massages it is used more and more for sexual pleasures, when placed on the pussy,nipples or balls it is very hard to not orgasm, and at a price of between $40 – $60 it is one of the most economical toys available, powered by electricity there is not cost of batteries unless you get a travel one.

I would recommend this wand for any one that asks, having listened to my slaves begging me to either stop or not stop, * and being a good Master, I love to stop when asked and watch their faces drop in disappointment and then hear them beg for me to not stop* It certainly enhances the foreplay for all involved


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