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I have had a few comments regarding the last post on spanking I did, and would like to clear a few misconceptions up if I may, as it seems some who are new to this are having a few problems accepting that some subs/slaves actually enjoy being spanked, the key word here is SOME, not all like this and that is something as a Master or Dom you need to establish before you go wading in with a bull whip, hell even those who like to be spanked do not always welcome a bull whip !
There are many ways to spank someone, and indeed many places as well, the tits are a favourite, the ass, as well as the pussy, you can use your hand or you can use a paddle, a crop, a kitchen spatula,a hair brush, even a fly swat works, they all provide a sting when used properly.
When a sub or slave is spanked make no mistake, it does hurt, but it has been described to me as a ‘good pain’ now not being one who wants to be paddled myself I can only listen to what is being said, many subs and slaves say that their minds open to the pain and it releases them to another ‘zone’ that the pain then does not hurt but excites them and some can orgasm from being spanked alone, this I know is not the case in everyone but from experience I do know that after a spanking everyone I have then carried on the scene with have been all to ready for me and the power of their pleasure is intensified. Is this from the paddling ? Who knows but while they enjoy it and so do I, then I see no reason to stop with this fun past time.


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When people think of BDSM, one of the things their minds see is either bondage or spanking, and that is something whether you are into BDSM or vanilla that is enjoyed by many people, the difference is in the severity.

I like to think there are three stages to spankings,
Stage One is the use of your hand only….. this can still sting but it is a milder form and one that both parties can feel if you like so they know the force and sting behind the slaps, it is no less effective but easier to control and as the surface of the hand is relatively large the force is distributed evenly across the butt or tits * depending where you are slapping* It will still hurt if you want it to and will still make the area being spanked glow red
The next I call Stage Two…… the use of an instrument. This could be anything, and as the play progresses then so can the tools used. A paddle or a crop are good ones to start with as well as a fly swat, yes you read that right, they are the perfect shape and deliver a nice sting, a slipper is also good, these are all things found in your house already so the cost * apart from the crop or flogger* should be minimal* The marks left from these things are more noticeable, the sting more intense and the pleasure received if your sub/slave is into pain is greater
The next is Stage Three …. This stage is not for those just starting out as it is the most extreme and can and sometimes does cause the most damage if undertaken by a Dom or Master who does not know what He is doing or used on a sub/slave who is new to this type of thing. The use of a whip, a cane or flogger, the intense whipping of a certain area and the continual beating of the sub/slave will leave welts and possibly break the skin, it will also leave scars if care is not taken
As with all things in BDSM care needs to be taken and an attentive Master or Dom will always know his property to ensure that they are comfortable with what is happening, spanking is fun but only if it is done correctly and with safety in mind at all times, that said, relax and enjoy this great addition to your lifestyle


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Spanking is one form of BDSM that many enjoy, it is also a good way to introduce a new one to the pleasures that can be recieved from this lifestyle. Most start their spanking experience with the hand, moving on then to ‘softer’ items such as a paddle or a crop or even a fly swot or kitchen spatula, this is a good article to read to learn more http://dennisnajee.blogspot.com/2008/11/best-household-implement.html

Once you are both comfortable with this you cold move on to other equipment,


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