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I am a great fan of tied tits, in fact anything to do with playing with tits gets my approval * provided it is something enjoyable to both of us*. I have heard many times that someone cannot tie or bind their sub/slaves tits because they are too small, well with a bit of imagination and adaptation I am sure there will be a way you can that will be pleasurable to you both.

I love to place clothes pegs/clamps/mousetraps/chains and various other implements onto my slaves tits, the look on her face at the first ‘bite’ tells me she loves it as well, in fact she is the one who usually ends up begging me for more, add to the play time a crop or switch and starting gently tap the nipples and you will end up with a slave writhing as much as she can wanting more.

A word of warning though – the nipples are sensative, full of nerves so when tying them take care to not leave the ropes/clips/pegs etc on for too long as you could cause damage, and this is something we want to aviod !


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One part of BDSM is femdom, it is the M/s or D/s relationship where the dominant person is female, and the sub or slave can be either male or female, that is basically the only difference.

The use of strap- ons in a M/s femdom relationship is common place and is something that add to a scene or play time regardless if the sub/slave is male or female.

There are many ways to live in a BDSM or M/s D/s relationship and femdom is one of the growing sides of this lifestyle, it does not make a person weak to submit to a woman, and it does not make them effeminant, it makes them stronger as they are following their desires and needs.


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When we look at BDSM and some of the things it can stand for, we mention wax play, spankings, bondage, oral sex and sex in general to name just a few parts of it. As I am a Master I tend to look at things from a Masters point of view and while most of what I say is relevant for both Masters and Mistresses there are obviously one basic differences, one is Male and one is Female, that said as far as the BDSM world is that is the only real difference.

When we talk of bondage, this is something that can be applied to both male and female subs and slaves, the same as nipple clamps can be used on both, and tying tits on a female slave may be something you find exciting, for a Mistress tying and binding a cock or balls can have the same desired effect.
The same is true for wax play, it is something that has no gender, it is a universal play that can be enjoyed by all involved regardless of the gender or dynamic of the relationship. In fact when looked at properly there are very few things enjoyed in the BDSM lifestyle that is gender specific,

With that said there seems to be just one thing that ALL in BDSM agree on, this is a lifestyle and it is something that is not a one size fits all life, it is something that each tailor to suit their needs and desires, that is why it is a growing lifestyle, its main aim is to enjoy and have fun with it


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Bent forward strappado
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There are many parts of this life I enjoy, some more than others, and one of those is bondage. To bind a sub or slave in a way that leaves her helpless to resist anything you desire is a wonderful feeling for both, and it is something that even those in a traditional’ vanilla’ lifestyle are finding more and more exciting, although I would hazard a guess and say they do not go to the extremes that those of us in this life tend to at times.

There is the ‘soft’ binding, used for adding a certain something to a scene or play and then there is the extreme, and indeed anywhere in between.
I would advise to take care when going to some of the extremes, it is not something everyone can deal with and in my experience, the more elaborate the bonds the harder it is to remove them in a hurry if needs dictate.

Another thing to remember is the position you tie your sub or slave in is basically how they will stay until you untie them and reposition them, too elaborate and the mood for playing can quickly diminish, just something to remember, sometimes simple is the best way to go.

No matter what stage of BDSM and bondage you find yourself practicing, the key is to enjoy and have fun, remember that to start of simple is not something to be ashamed of, I to this day still cannot tie a slip knot or a reef knot but still my slaves and I have many hours of fun.


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A BDSM-style collar that buckles in the back.
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In the BDSM lifestyle many people like to either give or receive a sign of ownership, for many subs/slaves it is the acknowledgement of belonging to a certain person, it tells others that they are spoken for and any interaction is to be at the agreement of their owner. In many M/s or D/s relationships a collar is given in much the same way as a ring is given in a vanilla relationship.

Some Doms or Masters only use a collar during a scene whilst others require their property to wear a collar 24/7 while having a different one for play time. The term collar is sometimes misleading, it is usually a collar that is worn around the neck, however it can also be a bracelet or a anklet, or a simple chain that is worn, what is important to many is that it is a sign for them that they are owned, but as so many work outside of the home, wearing a dog collar with slave or slut printed on it if you are a lawyer or a checkout assistant can cause some strange looks and conversations.

The collar is another way that many engage in humiliation with their sub or slave, leading them around the street on a lead is bound to lower their self esteem.

No matter what your opinion is on collars it is just another way that each can adapt the BDSM life to their needs, some subs or slaves feel they need to be collared and some know who they serve without the need for a collar, the same is true for Doms or Masters, some like to give them and some do not, its up to the individual as so much of this life is


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Reading back through this blog, I have noticed that I have been tending to look at things from a male point of view, ok as I am a man this is something to be expected, well today I thought about looking at things from a females view, don’t be worried, I am talking about FEMDOM.

Just as a Dom or Master finds fulfilment in their life when they live it as a Dom or Master, then so does a Domme or Mistress, they are basically looking and finding the same things the men are, they are allowing the dominant streak within them free and at the same time they are satisfying desires within their subs or slaves.

It can be said that as women have an inbred nurturing instinct they are more aware of what a sub or slave needs, I am not sure if this is right as just as there are some strict Doms and Masters having met a few in my time as a Master I know there are some strict Dommes and Mistresses, in fact they seem to have a corner of the market in inventiveness where punishments and play is concerned at times !!


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Bondage is a part of BDSM that in my opinion can be one of the most erotic and yet one of the most dangerous, why ? Because if you are unsure and not certain what you are doing you can really hurt your sub/slave and cause damage or in extreme cases when using a rope around the neck death. Sounds extreme I know but it can happen, a sub or slave struggles and the knots tighten and before you know it things have gone from good to really bad.

My advice to anyone wanting to bring this part of BDSM into their lives is to have a check list, even if its only in their head, a mental list to go through as they are tying the ropes/bonds.

#1 Are the ropes too tight ? If the ropes are tight as you are tying them , they will no doubt become tighter as you play, and that can cause lose of circulation, rule of thumb is to make sure your can put your hand between the rope and your subs skin, thus making sure there is ‘breathing’ space between the bonds

#2 Is the sub happy with how you are binding them ? It sounds stupid but if the sub is unsure they will tend to struggle more and this can tighten knots making them hard to remove, especially in an emergency situation * and while we all pray this does not happen being prepared for it is a must, no one can tell what can happen at any time *

#3 Never loses track of what you are doing,,,,, there are times we all get carried away in the moment, the excitement of the play makes up lose focus at times and this is when things can go wrong, always be aware of what is happening so you can monitor the situation, I am not saying that you cannot lose yourself in the fun but I am saying keep a part of you focused on what is happening

#4 Remember that however you tie your sub, that is how she will stay ! Think ahead, its so frustrating untying and retying 7 or 8 times during a scene, the moment tends to wear off a bit with all the repositioning

Have fun and enjoy yourself but stay safe in your play.


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